Mentioning the Mediterranean is enough for so many peoples to rise to mind: the Mycenaeans, the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs and many other peoples and cultures whose imprints are everywhere visible.

According to Fernand Braudel, the Mediterranean is « a thousand things at once, not one landscape, but innumerable landscapes, not one sea, but a succession of seas, not one civilization but many civilizations, stacked upon each other ».

Welcome to Tunisia – Video

A country to discover

Located in the eastern part of the Maghreb, straddling the two basins of the Mediterranean, Tunisia opens widely towards the sea. This situation has made Tunisia, since time immemorial, a pole of attraction and a privileged meeting place for all men: it prides itself on being a melting pot of civilizations. Throughout its very long history, Tunisia has never ceased to exchange with the cultures of the Mediterranean: it has constantly made its contribution to the civilizations, which have succeeded one another on the shores of the Mare Nostrum, welcoming their influence and enriching them.

Land of encounters and civilizations, Tunisia is the Capsian, Utica, Carthage, Kairouan, Mahdia, Tunis…, it is also Alyssa-Dido, Hannibal, Magon, Jughurta, Tertullian, Saint Augustine, Sahnoun of Kairouan, Ibn Al Jazzar, Ibn Khaldun, Aziza Othmana and many others.

Tunisia today as in the past, militates for authenticity, for openness and for the right to be different, that is to say for the dialogue of cultures. Without rejecting the benefits of culture, whether from the East or the West, Tunisia has chosen to preserve its own identity.